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Request Kaiser Permanente Release Research Data on Infants and Mercury

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Please sign our petition to request Kaiser Permanente Release Publicly Funded Research Data on Infants and Mercury

Kaiser infant mercury studyKaiser Permanente used public funding to collect data and conduct a study on infants and mercury exposure. In their study, which had serious methodological flaws, they purportedly found that mercury exposure is safe for infants.

Mercury Free Baby has requested the data from Kaiser Permanente, but even after repeated requests and even though the study was funded by tax payer dollars, they refuse to release the data for other researchers to check the results.

Infants are exposed to mercury from several sources, such as their mother’s mercury fillings, flu shots containing mercury, ingesting fish, and from inhaling coal power plant emissions. Approximately 630,000 infants are born every year with high levels of mercury in their blood. Numerous studies show that mercury has detrimental effects on child development.

Kaiser Permanente has a conflict of interest on this matter because they promote a policy that exposes pregnant women to mercury (thimerosal) through flu shots given during pregnancy and so they have a vested interest in finding mercury exposure in infants to be safe. The Kaiser Permanente study which purports that mercury exposure is safe for infants has the potential to influence public policy and that would be bad for our children.

Please sign our petition requesting that Kaiser Permanente release this data to the researchers at Mercury Free Baby. Our children deserve another set of eyes on this very important data (read more).

This petition will be delivered to:
Tracy A. Lieu, MD, MPH, Director, Division of Research, Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA, USA

Mercury News

Sign our petition, help us ensure scientific integrity

Sign our petition, help us ensure scientific integrity

Sign our petition, help us ensure scientific integrity of mercury study on babiesResearchers at the University of California at Davis conducted a study and concluded that the mercury levels to which infants are exposed are safe. Several outside researchers have determined that the study is flawed, and they requested that the data sets be produced for examination. UC Davis refused. Please ask Chancellor Katehi of UC Davis to allow independent researchers access to information about the dangers of mercury exposure and infants!

The study, published in 2014 by Dr. Yau and colleagues, was funded with federal taxpayer dollars, yet the study’s researchers have rejected repeated requests for public access to the study data. Evidence from the study tables suggests that an error was made in the study analysis. This error undermines the study’s finding that the observed mercury levels are safe. Join our petition! Insist on transparency in research and for more info visit It is imperative and that UC Davis produce its data sets for further analysis by outside researchers.

According to the 2008 Obama/Biden Plan for a Healthy America, “More than five million women of childbearing age have high levels of toxic mercury in their blood, and approximately 630,000 newborns are born at risk every year.” Yet, mercury is included as a preservative in some vaccines, comprises approximately fifty percent of mercury amalgam tooth fillings, and is prevalent in fish, fluorescent light bulbs, and many other products. Mercury can cause a wide variety of neurodevelopmental problems in children. Mercury biologically accumulates in women as they grow older.

Please sign our petition and help us ensure scientific integrity

This petition which will help us ensure scientific integrity of the UC Davis mercury study will be delivered to:
Chancellor Katehi at UC Davis